It feels like snow

5:00 pm – so much for Accuweather today. No snow. No rain. Just clouds. Could be rain before dawn, but who really knows? Even Weatherunderground said 90% chance of rain today. It’s really voodo, so we need a witch doctor, not a Meterologist!

11:55 – it now says it will snow in 5 mins, but I doubt it. It is only partially cloudy, and there is sunshine at the moment.

10:00 am – from my accuweather app:


8:30 am – It is only down to 36 degrees, but it feels like I could get snow up here later today. It is only 49 inside, so I’m working on warmth this morning … Built up the fire, but it takes time. My only other thoughts today are to keep the two alpha females from fighting. It’s a simple life I am leading at the moment.

6 thoughts on “It feels like snow

  1. Simple life- it is kind of like the cursor/pointer.
    Imagine for a moment the snowflakes are people.
    Move the cursor to the right and all the snow flakes pass to the left;
    move the cursor to the left, the flakes pass to the right… simple life.
    However, move the cursor to the middle, and you are mixing it up with trouble. 😉

  2. Snow–I was thinking the same thing a few minutes ago. It was 27 here this morning and 36 at 10 AM. Gray clouds, mist, fog all around, 60 inside. Need to bring in wood and get a fire going.

  3. Cal, I rebuilt my fire on the embers at 7:30 this am … Wood for the day, etc.

    Wally, for some reason, I can’t see the snowflakes on my site … Maybe because I’m on an iPad? Glad others can, though.


  4. Wishing you a Merry white and warm Christmas! I think you’re right about not getting snowflakes on the iPad. I tried both and they’re only on the desktop. I don’t see them on my site at all. Perhaps I need a black background? 😉

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