El Niño Watch, Wednesday 1/6/16

11:15 am – thunder and lightning just started here. The first round completely skipped the south coast, affecting both Big Sur Valley and Cambria, but not us.

In other news, Paso is not having a good day. One mobile home was blown upside down by high winds (tornado?) and another was hit by lightning, catching it on fire. Be safe and aware out there!

7:00 am – the storm woke me around 4:45 … Downpours, wind, and while I didn’t hear thunder or see lightning, others reported it. Fortunately, it has quieted down now. The rain total here, so far today, is .82″, 3.33″ for the month, and 16.99″ for the year.

This is yesterday, from Greg DeAlba, CT Supervisor at Willow Creek (looks to be near Alder, but can’t be certain). Annette Knight is running the loader. Go team!

“Today’s low pressure system will produce thunderstorms with
periods of moderate to heavy rain, gusty winds and possible
hail through tonight.

Snow levels with this storm system will range between 3,000
and 4,000 foot range North to South with another foot of new
snow for the high Sierra by Thursday morning. Total rainfall
with today’s system are expected to range between 1 and 2

Another low pressure will produce rain and fresh to strong
(25 to 31 mph) southwesterly winds on Thursday. Total rainfall
amounts with Thursday’s system should range between 0.50 and
0.75 of an inch.

Scattered rain showers are forecast on Friday into Saturday.

Clearing will develop Sunday into Monday as high pressure
briefly builds over California. Wet and unsettled weather is
forecast throughout the following week as the long awaited El
Nino type of storm pattern persist.” SLO Meterologist, John Lindsey.


Missed us here on the South Coast!


3 thoughts on “El Niño Watch, Wednesday 1/6/16

  1. Per our gauge at the school – 1.2 inches from yesterday, another round in the wee hours of this morning – .6 inches from several noisy, sleep-robbing downpours. Storm total now reads 2.2 inches for the last couple of days. And, finally, add the thundering of huge surf.
    …more to come!

  2. WOW. Drive to SF mostly uneventful with couple areas of heavy rain only. River still not over our bridge at 9am. It will go over in next bout if heavy rain I believe. Yes everyone stay safe and aware.

  3. Amazing! You’re really getting hit down there. Up here, it’s totally mild with just a hint of drizzle now and then.

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