Local Reports, 1/6/15

Highway One report from my son on trip down Plaskett to Hermitage: 3:00 pm – Yup, sloshy and a [tourist] with flat tire near Kirk creek and two cal Trans trucks moving rocks mail man said rocks everywhere but able to get through no problem he said cal Trans trucks every couple miles.

From the City of Morro Bay…

This morning a water spout tore through the Morro Bay Yacht Club tossing sailboats around the yard and knocking over a light post. Doing damage on both sides of the Embarcadero.

Mid-Coast Fire Brigade:

Weather Related Activities
Fire Chief Cheryl Goetz from Mid-Coast Fire Brigade
This morning a decent slide occurred on upper Rocky Creek Road by the Hoist. We have been working diligently with Monterey County Roads and Cal Trans to stockpile sand for sandbagging in a few areas other than just the one on Palo Colorado. We are awaiting approval from Cal Trans to place sand on Hwy 1 just North of Rocky Point Restaurant.
Trees have also begun falling and we expect more to come down as the ground saturation continues with rain anticipated to last through next week. Drive carefully, especially in the dark as trees could potentially be entangled in live power lines.
Remember this is just the beginning of our rainy season and already we are seeing problems with the road, culverts, etc. Please prepare ahead of time by filling and placing sandbags for potential problems. Once the problem occurs it may be to late. If you have never filled or placed sandbags there is an art to doing it correctly for maximum effect. Here is just one of many You Tube videos on how to properly fill sandbags if you are interested. https://youtu.be/5fa8ApB_TFc
Stay safe, drive carefully and stay warm and dry. This is shaping up to be another El Nino, El Nino, El Nino for those that were here during 1998 they can attest that it was something to behold.
Cheryl Goetz,
Fire Chief


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  1. At PV School: Added to our rain gauge last night -.2 ” of noisy showers all night, bringing up the storm total over the last couple of days to 2,65″. Mud and fallen tree debris everywhere. Huge surf rumbling like an earthquake.

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