6 thoughts on “Plaskett sprung a leak!

  1. Is that that culvert just after the redwood grove near Cowabunga? Its been exposed for quite a while. I remember hitting it on my bike when I used to ride down the hill to school.

  2. What an amazing sight on the way home. The times I’ve lived in wilderness on both coasts this was part of the (sort of) charm, never knowing what would be in the road, on the road, under the road. Fresh out of Brooklyn, on farmland in northern Virginia, I stopped to get a cow back on the right side of the fence into pasture. Then find the owner to report the opened fence. Wow was that exciting for us all! I hope this new spring proves to be as interesting and not a disaster. Good luck, kiddo.

  3. The creek is running very nicely between the campground and PV School! First time I’ve seen it this high and this loud since I came to the coast in 2012.

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