A break in the weather

imageTime to check systems, clear driveways and roads, restock, and reassess before the next one hits. Not predicted to be as strong as the one yesterday morning, but saturation is coming. A few notes from my SLO Meterologist: “Yesterday’s cold front produced heavy rain along the Santa Lucia Mountains. The rain gauge located near the
Upper San Simeon Creek recorded 8.50 inches of rain.” Ummmm … Yes, 8.5″ wowza!


2 thoughts on “A break in the weather

  1. The Carmel Valley River under the bridge at Robinson Canyon is HUGE and WIDE today! Gorgeous! It’s got a strong flow, you can’t see the bottom for the disturbance, it’s at least five times wider than a week ago and the trees that had been on narrow banks are up to here with the river water. Two mallard ducks have taken up residence, male and female, who alternate floating down stream with nestling along little inlets. Total thrill to see. Two days ago, wish I’d taken pix, two guys and a girl in wet suits unpacked small plastic (?) kayaks from their car and headed down the meadow to the river for a day’s adventure. What a joyful sight. Made me feel lazy.

  2. Nice to get some breaks in this wild weather. At the very least, it’s nice to be alleviating the drought some.

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