Highway One Road Conditions, 1/19/16

9:30 pm – Hard Closure to last until midnight – 2 am, according to a local who drove there and asked.

HIGHWAY ONE TO CLOSE AT 6:00 PM – Hard Closure at Fernwood to clear tree and fix power lines. Stay tuned to CHP site.

4:30 pm – PGE, Our Great ever-present BSVFD, and CT dealing with wires down across both lanes near Fernwood. Power to be turned back on when resolved.

there is also a slide at MM 44.30, per CHP, which is approximately 1/2.mile south of Ventana. There are other unreported slides, according to my son who just got back from town.

REMEMBER, CAL-TRANSCDOES NOT PATROL AFTER DARK, and with so much rain from this storm (5″ in many places on the South Coast) these slides are only just beginning! Even tomorrow, when there will be a break in the rain, slides will be occurring. BE SAFE OUT THERE!

~ by bigsurkate on January 19, 2016.

4 Responses to “Highway One Road Conditions, 1/19/16”

  1. CalFire did not respond to this, BSVFB did. Your local volunteers. Representation without taxation for over 40 years.


  2. Sorry, Jon … I figured you were on it. I’ll change that RIGHT NOW,!



  3. Not me, Engine 7831.


  4. Thx, Jon.



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