Rain Report, Saturday, 3/5/16

7:30 pm – This is the report my son, Brendon Shave, gathered about the car over the side on Hermitage RD.

“Ok so I went down the drive and got info for you, they aren’t staying here as I thought. Gergen tourist drove up our drive and at 2/10 of a mile they attempted a turn around and got the car stuck in the mud on the edge, they got out to look at the situation and after exiting the car it rolled over the side down 60ft (according to CHP) they then walked to Lucia and called for help. Ambulance, CHP, Rangers and fire brigade (according to Chinon at Lucia) all showed up. Cambria towing decided to come in the morning. Currently there is caution tape tied between trees at the site. The culvert where the Almo rental car went over is flooding at current and if the car is in that culvert it is certainly a wash, excuse the pun. Both German passengers in their late 20’s early 30’s are safe and dry. Fire brigade (I was told climbed down to the car and retrieved all the personal belongings for the tourist couple and hey will ride win CHP to Monterey and stay the night in a hotel. That pretty much sums it up. Good night.”

Pebble Beach


6:30 pm – Okay, people … Roads closed, trees down, wires down, etc. all over the SLV area and other mountainous parts of Santa Cruz. Mud, debris, etc. in a couple areas of SLV area. In Big Sur, tree down near Soberanos, tourists 60 feet down in a ravine, 2/10ths of a mile up the Hermitage RD. It’s going to get worse tonight, so stay off Highway if at all possible tonight. Don’t make our BSVFB and others have to come out in this to rescue you!

2:20 pm – it’s pouring now, peeps.

9:30 am – It’s a coming down now. Not real heavy, but steady. This graphic carries a warning for us Big Sur folk and our ribbon of asphalt to the rest of the world.


7:00 am – So far, I have received 1.04″ since Friday morning. Looking for a busy, wet day today. NOAA has decreased the 6 day total of Friday to Thursday down from 8.51″ to 8.1″ – not much of a decrease, still a pretty healthy amount. This is their graphic this morning.


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  1. Six tenths here in NW SLO Co. on the eastern slope of the Santa Lucias.

  2. Here at the school, it’s “rainin’ mountain lions and coyotes”…in other words, it’s coming down in buckets. At this point, our wx gauge has near an inch and a quarter for today, plus another quarter from last night. So we have made the 1.5″ mark for the storm, and should be passing 2” before bedtime. The storm is quite noisy, alternating with roaring southerly gusts, and downpour showers. Big things are crashing down from the trees, and I foresee a big mess to clean up tomorrow. The one thing I do NOT hear, is the usual sound of passing cars…road blocked with slides? Probably so. The only thing to do is hunker down and let it all do what it is going to do. A look at the NWS satellite shots say it all…we are in a huge atmospheric river, crossing the Pacific, all the way from Asia, aimed right at California.

  3. Thanks, Dave. I am over 2 and 1/2″ and it is noisy from the rain and wind, but comfy cozy in my library, sipping my wine and listening to the radio.


  4. Rainfall at school for today/tonight has now passed the 2″ mark. Barometer is in free-fall, It has plunged from 31.80 this morning to 31.50 now, and still dropping.

  5. Just went out to see how the river is, for the level of water we have had I would say that in this short period the river and the streams are fuller than usual in this short period of time. Short period means in the past 24 hours the river seems higher than usual especially since we have been dry for 5 weeks. Kind of high . Mostly good here at Riverside.

  6. As of 630 this morning, we have a total of 6 inches of rain from this series of storms. I understand more is still on the way! When those folks had their accident came up, our phone lines were down, as often happens during the storm like this. Luckily they were able to get to Lucia where their phones were working. Cyprian came back late last night from Paso Robles and said the fog was so thick on 46 that he couldn’t see the car in front of him and that the winds were so high on Highway one heading up to the Hermitage that it affected his driving. He made it home safely. I pray everyone else did as well Bede

  7. Tank you so much for that report, Brother Bede. It was wild. 6″ is amazing! My gauge is in a rain shadow, so will move it before next winter, with my son’s help.

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