Storm Report, Sunday, 3/6/16


Here are a couple of this morning’s graphics:


7:00 – So, just at 6:30 am, my usual time to let the dogs out, it starts majorly hailing. Rain total so far is 4.55″ but the Hermitage reports just over 6″ so far. I think my gauge is in a rain shadow. Santa Cruz County Roads are a mess – too many flooded, closed, trees, power lines, etc. down to recount. The SL River crested and evacuation centers were set up.

Here is a photo of the car that slipped off the edge on Hermitage RD.


Photo by Brendon Shave

Highway One, Big Sur: This is from the CHP website. It is near Post Ranch entrance:

[3] 1039 27-S3 WITH INFO

I can’t imagine the rest of Highway One is in the best of shape either. Continued monitoring and reports as the day continues. Remember, be safe, and don’t put anyone else’s life in danger via the need to rescue you. Bigsurkate

9 thoughts on “Storm Report, Sunday, 3/6/16

  1. Rain about four inches in previously emptied bucket, and it did come down in buckets from Saturday afternoon non stop til this morning around 6 ? Sun out in force, sky a kind of grayed-out blue, chunky clouds on eastern horizon. Lots of twigs and branches scattered about. Oh it’s gorgeous! Spring happening at the same time, crocus and daffs and tulips and every leafy tree. Cadet Sparhawk, Mid-Val Post 1, reporting.
    By the way your ‘rain shadow’ is too beautiful for words! Did you make that up? I may change my name.

  2. I thought I saw the term, somewhere, referencing the areas on the “other” side of mountains that didn’t get the same amount of rain as a result. In my case, I put my gauge on the south side of the house, when the rain comes from the north, and the north slope of the roof is much higher than the south side. Thus, the term. I do like the sound of it, though.


  3. Here you go, Barbara: “A rain shadow is a dry area on the lee side of a mountainous area (away from the wind). The mountains block the passage of rain-producing weather systems and cast a “shadow” of dryness behind them” bigsurkate

  4. Many trees down around the Peninsula, many more large branches. Some streets in Carmel are blocked off. Carmel streets look like they are carpeted with pine tree pollen pods. Kate, I lived in a rain shadow for years, it’s called Fresno.

  5. At the school, ended up at 2.62 inches of rain. This morning Reveille was held on me by an extremely noisy hail storm.

  6. 1.2″ in our rain gauge in Grover Beach; That amount is pretty good for us

  7. How beautiful! I’d never heard it before and I love it with all my heart. Thank you oh wise one, stay in the rain shadows.

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