Lost Dog – Gorda Mountain, Big Sur-FOUND!

Shortly after I posted this, Maya found her way home. Her humans were so relieved. It was only a few days earlier that they lost Maya’s companion, the 13-year-old dog. Maybe she went looking for her friend … Anyway, enjoy the rain. Storm report later.


Lost Dog (Big Sur near Gorda Mt.)
Our sweet Australian Shepherd/Rottweiler mix female dog went missing today. She is almost 3 years old and her name is Maya. She did not have her collar on but does have a microchip! She was last seen March 6th, Sunday morning near her house on Gorda Mt. (near the Cruickshank Trail), Big Sur. There were a lot of hikers today. We are very worried and really want her back so please help us get her home. Call Tafay or Josh : H:805-927-5674, C: 831-238-0112, C: 831-915-6570, Email: tafay@me.com.
Thank you!!!

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