Fires, 4/28/16

at 2:45 pm – a fire broke out near King City. It is reportedly black smoke, so possible structure fire.

Around 3 pm, Cal Fire and AA were dispatched to a brush fire about 3 miles north of the Paso Robles Airport.

Around 2 pm – a wildfire was reported at Casitas and 33 in Ventura Co. LPNF sent a full wild land fire response. This one is named Casitas and has an IC. It is reported at 20 acres.

~ by bigsurkate on April 28, 2016.

4 Responses to “Fires, 4/28/16”

  1. Thanks for the reminder about such things. Sorry to hear about this fire and hope it’s out quickly, keen-eyed Kate. And hope you’re doing well. No, hope you’re doing brilliantly and sure you are. xxoo


  2. All but the Casitas were out rapidly. This is just a reminder of what is to come. I am doing quite well … Even brilliantly, as you are I know!



  3. Fire season is officially underway in Monterey County. All county agencies and CAL FIRE BEU are in full wildland response mode. If there are any wildland fires reported in Monterey County, there will be a full wildland response will be dispatched.


  4. Nice to know, Jon. Thank you. It will be a long season, that’s for sure



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