Highway One Road Work Tentative Schedule thru June


MONTEREY COUNTY – A lengthy, slide repair project along the Highway 1 coast between Molera Rd. near Marina and the Monterey/San Luis Obispo County line will begin Monday, May 2, Caltrans officials announced today.

Roadwork will take place Monday through Friday and consist of one-way traffic control between the hours of 7 am and 4 pm. Motorists can expect delays not to exceed 15 minutes. Electronic message signs will be posted alerting motorists of the work. Below is a tentative schedule for the next few weeks but dates and locations are subject to change, depending on the time required to complete each section.

May 2 – PM 51.2 (Molera) to 49.03 (River Inn)
May 3 – PM 49.03 (River Inn) to 48.03 (Big Sur Library)
May 4 – PM 48.03 (Library) to 48.85 (Brewer Bridge)
May 5 – PM 48.85 to 47.3 (Fernwood)
May 6 – PM 47.3 to 46.35 (Big Sur Station)

May 9 – 46.35 to 45.52 (Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge)
May 10 – 45.52 to 44.9 (Post Ranch)
May 11 – 44.9 to 43.91 (Nepenthe)
May 12 – 43.91 to 43.17 (Big Sur Inn)
May 13 – 43.17 to 42.15 (Fullers)

May 16 – 42.15 to 39.72 (Torre Canyon Bridge)
May 17 – 42.15 to 39.72 (Torre Canyon Bridge)
May 18 – 39.72 to 38.69 (Partington Ridge Road)*
May 19 – Move to Willow Springs Area PM 10.00 (Gorda) to PM 8.88 (Mud Creek)
May 20 – 8.88 to 6.8 (Grey’s Slip)
*NOTE: Crews are aware and will work around the AMGEN tour.

The purpose of this roadwork is to improve traveler safety by making highway repairs. Roadwork is being done by the Big Sur and Willow Springs Maintenance crews. This project is scheduled to be complete in June. An update will be provided next month with the final weeks’ schedule.

Caltrans reminds motorists to move over and slow down when driving through highway work zones.

For more information on this project and for traffic updates on other Caltrans projects in Monterey County, residents can call the District 5 toll free number at 1-831-372-0862 or can visit our website at: http://www.dot.ca.gov/dist05/paffairs/release.htm#mon.

Susana Z. Cruz
Caltrans District 5
Public Information Officer/
Portavoz de Relaciones Públicas
para Caltrans en el Distrito 5
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4 thoughts on “Highway One Road Work Tentative Schedule thru June

  1. Looks like a misprint- should be Andrew Molera State Park not Molera in Marina? AB

  2. I thought so, too, but there is a Molera RD the crosses Highway One in Marina. Given that this is “slide repair” work, I can see how Cal Trans could make it from Marina to Rive Inn in one day. I don’t know if Suzanna Cruz made a mistake, or if it will indeed start in Marina. It would be surplusage to include “Marina” though.


  3. Sorry, legal term. A word that is surplus and therefore must be interpreted because it was included in the statutory language.


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