The Music of the Rain

3:35 pm – Nice downpour – 1.49″/hour. Gratefully received.

I came into my library with a cup of coffee to read. I turned on my replica 1930’s radio for music. I could almost hear the rain on the metal roof, but not well. I turned off the radio. I won’t have too many more opportunities for a while to listen to the music of the rain.

Rain total at end of day. I’m busy listening to the music of the rain.

One thought on “The Music of the Rain

  1. Dear Kate, greetings from Pacific Grove. The rain changed my day, my schedule and gave me some extra space. Very beautiful. I respect your blog and would appreciate your unfiltered feedback regarding my new personal website Some people find it confusing, and some love it, and I cannot help doing what I do. Thank you very much! We are all just some few clicks away from each other.

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