10 thoughts on “24 hour rain totals

  1. I measured 2.25 inches in Carmel Highlands and why isn’t Palo Colorado Canyon listed?

  2. Hi Kate,

    Just wanted to give you another heads up the Climate Prediction Center (CPC) and I are seeing another major weather pattern change beginning Sunday (10/23) and could become rather progressive in nature with a prolonged period of wet stormy weather, however, it appears to be a bit more normal in terms of storm system dynamics. Not a post super typhoon atmospheric river event but medium size cooler storms, although there is plenty of typhoon activity going on in the West equatorial pacific that will energize these lows with warm moisture rich air migrating into the prevailing Westerlies. I wanted to send a picture of the CPC’s prediction but cant figure out how to send attachments through the comments section. You can find yourself at their website and go to 8-14 day outlook Oct 24-30. Enjoy our short Indian Summer this week because it could be a distant memory by late next week.

    cheers to wet Fall,

    Paul H.

  3. Got about 0.25 inches down here in Morro Bay. I must confess I was a little surprised at some of these totals in the Big Sur area. Nice to see that you actually got that season ending rain. I’m a little concerned about the total volume though. There hasn’t been time yet for any new growth to get started except in the areas that burned more than a month or so ago. Hopefully the measures taken by the BAER teams can limit erosion.

  4. .22 rainfall for CV for the 4 day period surprised to see it that low per local tv media.

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