Soft, Gentle Rain, 11/28/16

A surprise rain this am – up to .16″ by 7 am. Was not expecting this. No reports of traffic problems on Highway One in Big Sur.

~ by bigsurkate on November 28, 2016.

4 Responses to “Soft, Gentle Rain, 11/28/16”

  1. CV village too, and a bit warmer, skies full of drama.


  2. We hadn’t been down to Gold Beach for over a week and the gauge was overflowing past 5″. Glad you’re getting some much needed stuff down there, or are you worried about slides?


  3. Yes, we are worried about slides, and watching critical areas closely.



  4. ‘n speaking of ‘the Road Conditions, I am so very pleased to ‘report’ my respect of the Road Cleaning Team I saw in actin in the past week.

    I am not a ‘resident’ tho’ I Was, back in ’08 – (“‘hole udda’ ‘ting !!!”) for a few years and have been a Work Study at Esalen, many times since ’78 – Each Time I return to The Sur, I see The Road … Change.


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