Rain Reports, 11/26/16

6:57 pm – a major downpour at the rate of almost 4″ and hour. That lasted for a few minutes, and now just consistent rain, heavy at times.

9:30 am – here is the weather spotter number for NWS-Monterey Bay: 800-826-7827. Call this number if you spot ANY debris flow anywhere near the Soberanes Fire area. Note the location (GPS coordinates a plus) and date and time. If you have a photo of it send to:


The more info we send them early in the winter, the more they can fine-tune their predictions later in the season.


7 am – It started about 6 am, and within an hour, I had about 1/2″ of rain. I don’t see any reports of road problems, yet, but there are bound to be rocks on the road, so drive carefully. I will check back throughout the day, but please share any information you have. In my trip north on Turkey Day, I saw several spots in Big Sur Valley which could be very problematic this winter. Stock up, keep gassed up, and take care of each other.

11 thoughts on “Rain Reports, 11/26/16

  1. 0.8″ here in Joshua Canyon just before 8AM too. Some pretty heavy showers accompanied by significant wind gusts around 5AM when it started, now just steady rain at a reasonable rate. The creek is up but fairly clear so far – which is good news since 94% of the canyon above us burned.

  2. Yes, Martha, that is one of the areas we want to keep an eye on during these storms. Glad you are here to do so. Keep your NOAA contact informed. Mine suggests their 800 spotter line and photos to an email. I will add that info to today’s post.


  3. Thanks! We are pretty much in direct contact with the NWS team here but they can make use of info from anyplace they can get it for refining micro-forecasts and getting warnings out if needed. They’ve been great thus far, and will be able to do even better as they get more and more information. We hope to have a new rain gauge up & reporting shortly on lower Long Ridge & a new stream gauge on Garrapata as soon as the parts come. These will help update the models too. But we could really use a weather radar on Pt Sur to see the cells coming in!!

  4. I report on CoCorah every morning at 7:00 am. This morning (11-26-16) it was .09. I’m Ca-Mt-42 (Tassajara Rd. right above the Jamesburg School.). Highly recommend CoCoRah 😊

  5. Ive looked into CoCoRah in the past, and I don’t have consistent power and/or internet, so I don’t think it would work for me.


  6. Thank you Susan B. for the CoCoRaHS site – for both the Wx info and the WeatherYourWay store. Am looking for XMAS ideas for my dad, the “Old Wx guy”, who taught me to always keep an eye on the sky. Funny – didn’t realize how ingrained that was – I seldom walk out of a building without looking up and out. Also explains the occasional wet boots – damn puddle! lol

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