Another Gideon Rainbow

This was seen from my bed this morning, out the window. Gideon is sure letting me know he is happy and watching out for me, no longer in pain, and playing while waiting for me. I will miss you until the end of my days, but I am glad you sent me all these rainbows.


Here is one from Pal0 Colorado Canyon:


10 thoughts on “Another Gideon Rainbow

  1. Walking has been difficult for him for some time. He was blind the last few years, mostly deaf, and had arthritis in his hips and legs, so frolic hasn’t been his for a while. He is sure sending the signs, though.


  2. Bless you both. We had a double rainbow over the village hills this morning, I think that’s a ‘ sent and received’. Hurrah Gideon, the forever doggie.

  3. And a rainbow across from the Deli overlooking Mount Manuel from you as well Gideon about 3 hours ago, will make sure your mom knows you are all over Big Sur.

  4. I love the “sent and received ” interpretation! My girlfriend was at the funeral for her husband, who passed from ALS, and at the burial on a clear day a rainbow appeared. A magically beautiful moment for all!

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