10 thoughts on “Snow on the Santa Lucias

  1. WOW! Beautiful photographs by Craig Mathews of our lovely mountain range. Soberanes Burn Scar must be a new designation. Poetic.
    They were predicting snow at 3500 in Yosemite, pretty low, I’d have been in it.
    Heavy rains on and off this morning in CV. Including hail ! Not a terribly impressive size but fun.

  2. So Beautiful — having been raised at the foot of Mount Shasta I really miss snow at Christmas. Thanks for sharing these with us Kate. And Merry Merry!!!

  3. Hey! That looks just like up in the Rocky Mountain wilderness in Idaho, where Jana and I are right now!
    Dreamin’ of a White Christmas
    Blessings and and The Light be with you all.

  4. Pretty, but glad to be in Philadelphia without the snow!! I hope everyone has wonderful holidays!

  5. And now I am homesick! One of my favorite sights–but a bit hard to find in Southeastern Louisiana. I do remember one of the years we were living in New Orleans when it snowed just before Christmas, and the cathedral was a rather magical sight. Still–miss those ridges and sending blessings to all for a 2017 filled with healing for them and all living near.

  6. Wow, Tuesday maybe another widespread chance for snow starting at elevations as low as 1000ft.

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