10 thoughts on “Snow on the Santa Lucias

  1. WOW! Beautiful photographs by Craig Mathews of our lovely mountain range. Soberanes Burn Scar must be a new designation. Poetic.
    They were predicting snow at 3500 in Yosemite, pretty low, I’d have been in it.
    Heavy rains on and off this morning in CV. Including hail ! Not a terribly impressive size but fun.

  2. So Beautiful — having been raised at the foot of Mount Shasta I really miss snow at Christmas. Thanks for sharing these with us Kate. And Merry Merry!!!

  3. It looks like they were taken from the backside. Chew’s Ridge got quite a bit of snow, so probably over on that side of the burn.

  4. Hey! That looks just like up in the Rocky Mountain wilderness in Idaho, where Jana and I are right now!
    Dreamin’ of a White Christmas
    Blessings and and The Light be with you all.

  5. Pretty, but glad to be in Philadelphia without the snow!! I hope everyone has wonderful holidays!

  6. And now I am homesick! One of my favorite sights–but a bit hard to find in Southeastern Louisiana. I do remember one of the years we were living in New Orleans when it snowed just before Christmas, and the cathedral was a rather magical sight. Still–miss those ridges and sending blessings to all for a 2017 filled with healing for them and all living near.

  7. Wow, Tuesday maybe another widespread chance for snow starting at elevations as low as 1000ft.

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