NWS Forecast Update, 1/7/17

And lastly, this from NOAA tonight:


National Weather Service San Francisco Bay Area/Monterey California

Updated Rainfall Totals: Significant rainfall is still forecast to occur through Monday afternoon. Here is our current thinking of how much rainfall will fall over the next 48 hours or so. 2-4″ will be likely for most urban areas across the SF/Monterey Bay Areas. Be extra cautious when driving this weekend. Ponding and flooding of roads will be a big threat. Do not try to drive through flooded roads. Stay safe.


One thought on “NWS Forecast Update, 1/7/17

  1. Rain has been pouring buckets for the past 2 hours. Lightning & flood stage levels anticipation are not helping my jitteriness for staying mentally sharp throug the overnight hours.

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