Interactive Map, South Coast Slides and Mile Markers

A friend spent a lot of hours creating this map for my readers. What I will do is post the jpeg version first, so you can visualize, and then the link to the interactive pdf version below it. Eventually, there will be three maps – South, Central, and North. These will also be included in the History of Highway One at the top of the page so they are easy to find. You could also print out a version to keep near your internet device.


This is very, very cool. My friend won’t let me give him credit, but what he did is dynamite! When you open up the pdf link below, you get a new tab in your browser that has the interactive map. When you click on one of the white boxes for the slide name, you will get the choice of a split screen showing the full map on one side, and the photos of that particular slide on the other screen. It is a great tool we will use often in the years ahead. Thank you, my friend. And Rock Knocker says: “Outstanding.”


20 thoughts on “Interactive Map, South Coast Slides and Mile Markers

  1. This is incrediable information, a reminder for the locals and full knowledge for the newbies to the area. Big Sur Kate and her followers providing valuable information once again.

  2. This mile marker map is fantastic! Kudos to the wizard that put this together – can’t wait to get the full set! Also looking forward to spending time with the interactive features! These maps are a treasure trove to a visiting Texan!

  3. Thanks for the map & all your outstanding coverage of fire, flooding, etc. Please extend my greetings & thanks to Rock Knocker, too. I lived at the top of Willow Creek Rd. at the Jack Knife Mines in the early 1980’s when there was still a cabin there. At that time the only form of outward communication was CB Radio. I was “Cosmic Sister” & lived with “the Old Goat” (Wally Devlin, who most often dressed in white coveralls). Perhaps Rock Knocker remembers him &/or us. I’m still in touch with some from that era. Thanks again. Charlotte (Redstone)

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  4. Amazing work. That you he who will not let you name him… and you, KAte, for everything. You contribute remarkable work and benefit to our community.

  5. Map is v. good. Now we’re cookin’ with gravy!

    Jean & Ray Ross care-took at the Jack Knife Mine cabin around 1972-3.
    Drove up there to visit them in my little Triumph TR4. What a road.

  6. Much gratitude Kate, & to your kind friend for taking this time! It will be very helpful to those who of us unfamiliar w/ the Nicknames, & all names on our glorius Sur Coast! 🌞🌞

  7. This sure fills in the holes of an aging brain. Thank you invisible map maker and bigsurkate!

  8. Thanks for the commitment on cleaning up the rough draft map. All that’s missing are the National Marine Monument sites, but, it would be a tall order to fit them all in. Regardless of those minor snippets, you should be proud of the work you did. Kate is recharging the batteries to fuel up for the next 6 days of rain. I hope those resources and safety personnel will be on the ball too. Bless the Central Coast Highway, Big Sur community, & the special folks who keep it looking great.

  9. Fantastic map, “ghost map maker”. I’m printing it out for our “grand central” office. It’ll replace the Mile Marker chart Kimball printed out years ago. Thank you for creating that.

  10. Absolutely amazing! Next time I go down there I’ll have a better appreciation of the area.

  11. I remember Wally Devlin from the late 60s when he lived in Monterey. He wore the white coveralls back then, too.

  12. Good to hear Don Harlan’s name. He was a pillar of the the south coast. I wish I had saved his posts to the Big Sur Roundup documenting how many french broom plants he had pulled at his ranch along with other assorted memoirs. Don was ‘Lopez Point’ on the CB. Kate, we’ve talked about Don’s place names and postmile markers before. Thanks to you and anonymous mapper for taking the time to document these items. It was good to see ‘Cozmic Sister’ last week at the ‘Pink Avocado’s’ 90th birthday. Hello to all you CBers from the ‘Hightide’ and ‘Carnation’. Trivial Pursuit at 8PM on Channel 11!

  13. What a fantastic map. My appreciation, congratulations and gratitude to the author. I have some modest computer skills and knowledge of the coast, would love to help him with the additional sections or anything else. Please relay my contact info. Thank you thank you thank you.

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