A couple slide photos by DMT

Taken yesterday by Michael Troutman. Top to Bottom: Paul’s Slide, Cow Cliff, Anderson.

Also, scaling will be taking place today at Cow Cliff’s, but will make time and space for locals to get through, when possible. Unsure re Anderson, yet.


6 thoughts on “A couple slide photos by DMT

  1. How is the super slide-resistant covered bridge tunnel curved thingy built a couple of years back that was so gorgeous. Has it been tested?

  2. I posted a photo a while back. It has some stuff on it. But what is going to happen when it is full?? The roof was to have been angled in the design I worked on. It was build flat. One local calls it the tomb of gloom. I can’t seem to find it now.


  3. A rainy pattern returns for mid week. Mother Nature back in charge; what can CT really do?

  4. Maybe CT/Cal Fire/CHP could build & share a safe foundation fortress somewhere nearby as a permanent community command service outpost?

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