Mud Creek, a 5-day comparison & Paul’s Slide, a clarification

I noticed two Cal Trans photos taken 5 days apart of the mess at Mud Creek which demonstrates the movement over a 5 day period – much greater than the 2-3 ft. I estimated.

This was posted 2/27, note the orange cones:


This was 3/4, again, note the orange cones:


Also, there is a great deal of confusion regarding Paul’s Slide. I posted this on FB this am:

“Okay, I looked back through my prior posts due to the confusion re Paul’s Slide and found this post indicating Paul’s Slide closed Saturday through this Wednesday 7AM-7PM. However, the Cal Trans Daily briefings ALSO say, Local travel from Ragged Point to Limekiln Bridge is DAY TIME ONLY. I’ve given up trying to reconcile internally inconsistent information from Cal Trans. Your guess is as good as mine re whether one can get through here after 7 pm. Apparently, one is not supposed to be north of Limekiln Bridge at all, AND one is not supposed to be on the road after dark. You decide what you are willing to risk, if you are a local. If you are a visitor, they are checking IDs, so please do not try it. I can understand why we are confused, but I am not sure I contributed to that, personally. If I did, I apologize.”

At this point, the southern crew has not been able to get through to check on Cow Cliffs, so as far as I know, that is still closed. Remember, it is the slide of the LARGE boulders. Anderson Slide appeared to be being worked on in the aerial photo I posted from Michael Troutman a few days ago, but do not know the current status.