Slide Closes Both Lanes at MM 20-SLIDE Cleared

12:45 pm – The slide this morning at Chimney Chute, PM 20, was not large. As a result the Caltrans Willow Springs Maintenance group just reported that the slide has been cleared and all lanes are open near Limekiln.
11:30 am – There is a reported slide on State Route 1 at Chimney Chute, PM 20, just south of Limekiln on Thursday, April 20 at 11 am that closed both lanes.
We hope to provide an update when there is more information to report and when the slide is cleared

8 thoughts on “Slide Closes Both Lanes at MM 20-SLIDE Cleared

  1. Andrew, I have been telling people for years that just because the rain has stopped, doesn’t mean the slides have. Often as things dry out, the start moving even more. We had little, if any, rain down here, but all the rain that fell Sunday and Monday made it down from Cone Peak and Chalk Peak.


  2. Kate,


    A WOMAN who lives next door to the Mill Creek
    Redwood Preserve in Big Sur is accusing a private contractor
    of cutting down and hauling away dozens of healthy redwoods
    from the 1,500-acre property.
    Located near the end of Palo Colorado Road,
    the preserve was closed shortly after the
    Soberanes Fire began July 22, 2016. About three
    weeks later — while firefighters continued to
    battle the blaze, and many residents had evacuated
    — one local who stayed, Kerri Frangioso,
    said she was shocked to discover “a large number
    of redwoods piled up on the side of the
    A researcher for UC Davis whose focus is
    Sudden Oak Death, Frangioso said it was clear
    to her that the redwoods in the pile were not
    killed by the fire — even if some were charred
    by it. And since the stumps show they were
    standing upright when cut, it’s hard to imagine
    what threat they posed to the road.
    Frangioso speculated the trees were cut down
    for someone’s financial gain. “Everybody knows
    redwoods are super valuable and everybody
    knows that most redwoods don’t die in fires,”
    she said.
    Frangioso said she believes the heavy equipment that was used for the job — which she photographed —
    confirms the contractor meant to steal the trees.
    “The type and size of the machines that the contractor
    brought in would not have been necessary to do hazard tree
    removal unless redwoods were targeted,” she explained.
    “Their intension was clear.”
    Frangioso also photographed numerous stumps along the
    road that she claims are evidence of the theft. She said some
    of the stumps are already sprouting new growth, which she
    said is proof the trees were healthy when they were cut down.
    The preserve is considered a safe haven for the towering
    trees, which were once logged on the site. To prevent future
    logging, the Big Sur Land Trust bought the land and resold it
    to the Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District in 1988.
    At this point, it’s unclear who the contractor was, and
    what agency authorized the work, which seemingly required
    environmental oversight.

    A Monterey County official told The Pine Cone he didn’t
    have much to offer about the incident — and his staff is
    checking its records.

    “None of us here really have any information on these
    trees,” said John Gurtin, who serves as the county’s acting
    deputy director for land use and community development.
    “We did some tree clearing during the fire, but most of what
    we cleared was already down. We’re going to look at it from
    a code enforcement perspective.”
    The park district was asked to comment on the incident,
    but didn’t respond.

    This woman is ticked off…

  3. eh, yeah, slide cleared move on, nothing to see here?

    this one deserves a separate thread perhaps.

    I know Kerri and if she says something wrong/inappropriate has happened to standing redwoods, everyone should slow down and pay attention. This good woman Loves and Respects Nature, so if you think you do as well LISTEN to her.

    Monterey County employees response is so limp, and they bust so many folks for such weak nonsense, this shows that in stark relief.

    separate thread, chase this, she’s Real.

  4. Kate. Not sure how to post to your blog. But I wanted to Thank a man who lives in Big Sur, his name his Richard. We were visiting Ragged Point today and was chatting with him and his cute dog Daisy. We went back to our car and it wouldn’t start and he came to our rescue. I just wanted to say how much we appreciated his kindness. Great folks in Big Sur

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