I’ve had a request for wildflowers. Here you go:


This photo of the baby blues eyes, is not as good as I would have liked, I did not notice the lens had some sticky gunk on it, BUT I still got that nice little drop of dew. This was taken on Weds on Nacimiento.


Also Wed on Ft. Hunter Liggett,. A while lupine.


This one was also on Wed. On Ft. Hunter Liggett. I’m not sure what they are – but probably a Clarkia, based on the narrow leaves,


4 thoughts on “Wildflowers

  1. Kate,

    Earth Day is here: we need to keep our precious open space/public areas free for all to enjoy and keep those Fed EPA nut-heads out of the equation.

  2. Beautiful flowers and swaths of color, not to mention the sweet smells of the ceanothus, lilies and iris’, make the long drive a bounty for the senses!
    I love Spring!!

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