New Opening Times for Paul’s Slide

April 24, 2017

New additional access times for Paul’s slide, FOR LOCALS & DELIVERIES ONLY!!

Starting this Wednesday April 26th there will now be a noon time opening for traffic.

12:00PM Monday / Wednesday / Friday A single caravan south and a single caravan north, you must be in line by noon! There may be up to 45 minute delay to clear the road before the opening.

Delivery vehicles (30’ max. length, 50,000# max. weight) can now use all access windows 7 days a week.

Access times for the morning and evening are still the same except for Friday:

5:30AM to 6:00AM and 7:00PM to 7:30PM – Sat-Thurs.

Friday’s hours will be shortened to:

5:30AM – 8:00AM and 6:00PM to 7:30PM
The noon opening will be for Paul’s slide only, (not Mud Ck.) you will need to use Nacimiento road to exit the coast.

4 thoughts on “New Opening Times for Paul’s Slide

  1. Kate-
    How did you get this info? I haven’t seen an official update from anyone at CalTrans today…This totally messes with PV School’s attempt to have regular school on Fridays. Last Friday was the first time in weeks that the Lucia kids were able to attend school. We were looking forward to having those students attend classes on Fridays, the only day they can get here. This new schedule imposes a much earlier start time and much later end time to the Friday school day, which was already a much longer day than normal. We will have the Lucia kids here from 8am until 5:45pm, unless the parents decide not to send them. That’s almost 10 hours. That’ll be a bit of a challenge for our K – 3rd grade group….

  2. This is an important issue that sheds light on the ongoing discussion of how Big Sur (or as I term it, the currently occupied Big Sur Nation ) looks towards and deals with the future. As we saw with the Pfeiffer Gulch Bridge, issues and solutions have been imposed on the population without their input by a combination of “agencies” in conjunction with certain local landowners exerting undue political influence…

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