More Wildflowers, 2017


Penstemon centranthifolius — scarlet bugler


Collinsia heterophylla — purple Chinese houses (This version is more pale than usual, almost pink and white)


Dendromecon rigida — bush or tree poppy


scarlet pimpernel (these are very small, less than 1/2″)

Scientific Name —
Anagallis arvensis L.



5 thoughts on “More Wildflowers, 2017

  1. Lovely flowers. I so love our botany here with all our unique trees and plants!

  2. Kate/everyone, :

    Has anyone seen any abundance of wildlife return to the B.S. Wilderness and beyond? Ventana Wilderness/LPNF seems to be awol on trail access/camping/safety conditions/future non native fire burn/clear-outs etc…

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