Amaziing Slide Video last night on 101 near Leggett

For those of you who have not seen this, Wendy was waiting for the go-ahead to get through, apparently, when she videoed the active slide taking out the newly opened highway, again. It is amazing video. It starts slow, with a few pebbles, as all active slides do, and then – all hell breaks loose

Slide Video here

So, when you are going through a slide area, and you see those guys standing around seemingly doing “nothing” remember they are spotting for you, the other workers, and each other. Bless Cal Trans, and this could have been a LOT worse. If you are tempted to go through an area that is closed, remember this video. You could so easily be buried alive.

19 thoughts on “Amaziing Slide Video last night on 101 near Leggett

  1. I guess we’re lucky here, but Mud Creek has some potential for a big dump.
    I don’t know why Cal Trans is out there at night, tho!

  2. that is the road where i head to my sisters place to Humboldt i know that spot where the river is on your left side of the video. thanks i did not know there is a construction going on i am heading to my sisters place next weekend thanks again
    for the info.

  3. Kate,

    With Caltrans there, I suppose they gave it a nudge for it to all come down or was this a real natural slide?

  4. Cal Trans says this was a natural slide – no nudge. They would never “nudge” during the dark, and not just after they finally got one lane open


  5. Frank, by googling, I got this: Leggett is a census-designated place in Mendocino County, California. It is located on the South Fork of the Eel River 17 miles northwest of Laytonville, at an elevation of 984 feet. It is home to some of the largest trees in the world.


  6. This would be good required viewing for anyone driving Hwy 1 in Big Sur… for extra appreciation and honoring of closure signs.

  7. I love that one deep-throated “WHOA!” she does. WHOA indeed.

  8. Wow, John. It is long but there is some amazing footage in there – watching the large parts of the top edge break off and make their way to the ocean – rocks, dirt, and vegetation. Quite something.


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