Paul’s Slide Update for 6/7/17 & FHL training

The noon opening at Paul’s Slide is scheduled to happen, but FHL warns of significant delays. I saw a lot of tactical equipment and soldiers being gathered in various places today, a flashing sign warning of delay, and a fire burning since yesterday south of the gate on the western side, presumably in the tank field. FHL issued this announcement:

“Hi all!

So our peak training season started June 1 and will last through end of
July. There will be period temporary road closures along
Nacimiento-Fergusson Road and other on-post roads to allow for military
traffic. I try my best to get info out on Facebook (it’s the only social
media platform I use) when I actually get info from staff.

On June 7, the Mission Rd and Nacimiento Ferguson Rds will be closed from
1130-1330 or possibly longer due to the significant military activities.
However, the police may allow for public to pass as long as they can control
the situation. There will also be a loud noises due to explosives used by
Air Force.”

Amy Phillips – PIO, FHL

Having just done that exhausting run today, I must say, just when one thinks the challenges can’t get any more, well, challenging … they do.