Paul’s Slide Update for 6/7/17 & FHL training

The noon opening at Paul’s Slide is scheduled to happen, but FHL warns of significant delays. I saw a lot of tactical equipment and soldiers being gathered in various places today, a flashing sign warning of delay, and a fire burning since yesterday south of the gate on the western side, presumably in the tank field. FHL issued this announcement:

“Hi all!

So our peak training season started June 1 and will last through end of
July. There will be period temporary road closures along
Nacimiento-Fergusson Road and other on-post roads to allow for military
traffic. I try my best to get info out on Facebook (it’s the only social
media platform I use) when I actually get info from staff.

On June 7, the Mission Rd and Nacimiento Ferguson Rds will be closed from
1130-1330 or possibly longer due to the significant military activities.
However, the police may allow for public to pass as long as they can control
the situation. There will also be a loud noises due to explosives used by
Air Force.”

Amy Phillips – PIO, FHL

Having just done that exhausting run today, I must say, just when one thinks the challenges can’t get any more, well, challenging … they do.

7 thoughts on “Paul’s Slide Update for 6/7/17 & FHL training

  1. Why aren’t the working land owners of Big Sur given a priority? Fixing H1 from north to NF exit.

    We pay taxes and are considered last.

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  2. Could the loud noise explosives contribute to the land movement?

  3. Any experimental planes and explosives being featured in these military exercises?


    Do environmental agencies show any concerns for these activities during these times or do they get set aside since, it has no authority to set guidelines or question land use positions?

  4. Fort Hunter Liggett is miles and miles away from the coast – no possibility of their explosive activity triggering any slides on the NF Road or Highway 1. I’ve recently seen army maneuvers in action while driving through there, and they’ve accommodated my travel by waiting for me to pass before they enter or cross the road. Seems to me that they have definitely been more accommodating than usual. However, it’s all a matter of timing….Once an army convoy enters the road, they have the right of way.

  5. dear friends and neighbors, lets all remember that the young men and women training at FHL volunteered to serve and defend our entire nation, you included. remember also that FHL was a training base long before most of us bought our land here, so we have no right to complain about what was in place when we signed up. training schedules for the military are a long-horizon situation, and if we expect to send these volunteers into harms way to defend us let us all begin by appreciating their dedication and gracious handling of a dangerous job, and we can begin by not complaining that as ‘tax paying landowners’ we are not being catered to. I too am trapped here in paradise, and subject to all the present difficulties,, I understand it’s a hassle. but these young men and women volunteer to go into harms way FOR US, so suck it up folks. FHL is beautiful, have a picnic while you wait, take a nap while the troops work hard, and then THANK THEM for their service. they are on our side, completely.

    we intend these young folks will go to places like Iraq and Afghanistan and get shot at and blown up and some of you are complaining about a delay in passage? you should be ashamed. some of them may not live to be as old as we are lucky enough to be now. step back and re-think your position, please.

    morning coffee rant over.

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