I needed a break from the heat. I had a UPS package waiting for me at the school. I had mail. I had a glass of white zin with my name on it waiting for me at Gorda, so I headed the call of Mother Nature’s air conditioning and that glass of cold white zin and went down to the coast.

It was there that I ran into one of the workers on that little nuisance slide to the north, called Paul’s Slide. The IDS GeoRadar was detecting movement, and the pebbles were beginning to fall. He also said that movement was detected at Mud Creek.

I sent an email to both Cal Trans and my contact at IDS GeoRadar seeking confirmation. Cal Trans is unavilable until tomorrow morning – Susan is out in the field – and IDS has not yet responded. He is probably out in the field as well. I’ll update when I have more information.

Before & After – a wildflower field


Above photo by Howard Jones


Above photo by Tony Shelfo

And as you can see, a fence (see top photo) means nothing to some people. I have watched the USFS put up fences and barriers over and over, only to watch them be destroyed. It gets disheartening.


This one is on Plaskett. Photo by bigsurkate

Paul’s Slide Story

Yesterday’s San Jose Mercury has an interesting article about what the author dubs Mud Creek’s “sibling” slide.

The Big Sur slide you have not heard of

By Lisa M. Krieger

There’s a second smaller landslide in Big Sur that’s been eclipsed by the drama of the epic Mud Creek slide.

But it’s an equally big headache if you’re trying to reach the coast from Highway 101.

Here’s more bad news: This sibling slide — named “Paul’s Slide” — won’t be cleared until mid-July, says Caltrans.

To read the rest of this article go to this link: