Before & After – a wildflower field


Above photo by Howard Jones


Above photo by Tony Shelfo

And as you can see, a fence (see top photo) means nothing to some people. I have watched the USFS put up fences and barriers over and over, only to watch them be destroyed. It gets disheartening.


This one is on Plaskett. Photo by bigsurkate

15 thoughts on “Before & After – a wildflower field

  1. How uplifting Kate! Many thanks for sharing this w/ us, & perhaps you can replace the plane flying over fire Header! 🌞

  2. I just don’t understand. I read your blog each day and am filled with admiration for the residents of Big Sur. How could anyone not be touched by the challenges you face each day? How can people be so thoughtless? I just don’t understand.

  3. Kate,

    Documentary films on Big Sur don’t seem to change many folks minds either.

  4. Someone needs to do a documentary on the fire (caused by careless humans) and the floods, focusing on the devastation and it’s effect on the residents. Before and after pictures would be great.

  5. Please tell me that two people are not setting up tents in the middle of the scorched area

  6. A lot of these clueless campers are foreign tourists. Maybe the car/motor home rental agencies need to start being held responsible for their clients actions?

  7. Actually, the dispersed campers are almost always twentysomethings and American! Including these two citiots from near by San Luis Obispo!

  8. Yea, what a disaster that was! And I’m quite certain your son told you about the asians this past December, I think it was, that drove not only up to the hermitage employee housing but beyond!! LOL!! I don’t get what they were thinking! That’s the problem; they don’t think for themselves and just look at where their smart phone tells them to go. Smart phone, dumb user. Once they open Paul’s, Naci is really going to become Nasty and more people are going to take SCR or CPR and really do some damage all because they were following their gps.
    But, in my comment above, I was referring to dispersed campers and I’ve never seen asians doing that. But give them a car, or worse yet, a motor home and watch the chaos! People from other countries should have to pass an extensive driving test before they can rent any kind of vehicle and everyone renting an RV should have to go thru the CDL driving test!

  9. Oh! I’m surprised he hadn’t told you; you’ll have to ask him about it- 2 different occasions, actually! You’ll get a laugh outta the stupidity!
    Yea, I’m with you on the mixed bag of emotions with Paul’s opening and then the bridge opening. Naci will be a nightmare until they can get mud creek open…. in 2018??

  10. Kate, OASN….

    Same theme- breaking story- hitting Central Coast & Marina…40+ years in the making..Mid July may have something more significant to announce..

    DS/MCW: “BREAKING: Coastal Commission poised to settle with Cemex.”

    What can agencies do with this property once it is all cleaned up and returned to its natural state before this company failed to recognize its impact on the coastal ocean & land environment?

    Could this property also reopen discussions to re-energize Del Monte Express RR type transportation restoration (or at least make an environmentally carbon free zero waste powered train ) to the wharf and be another economic driver for the county & peninsula?

    Remap these areas and add more train stops from San Jose south & west to Marina south to the Monterey wharf and north to Santa Cruz

    I sure would dig it. #TAMC.

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