Fire on Nacimiento Rd – fire named Fergusson.

UPDATE 11 am – fire is pretty much out. Aircraft released and back to Paso. Here are a trio of photos from one of the firefighters, Brandi Plaskett (yup, one of those descendants)


From Rohana. Em called 911, I called the PV Station direct and spoke to a “live” person. This is on Nacimiento Rd. At approximately mm 4. Make sure and scroll for most up-to-date info.



New pic just taken. It is clearly backing down the ridge in a south-westerly direction.


Oh, this ought to play havoc with that massive convoy of trucks, supplies, and equipment today for the bridge.

At 9:27 am –


Okay, ladies and gents, anytime now would be good.

9:35 am –


Now would be a good time to send in those tankers.

9:41 USFS engine on site and flight tracker showing spotter plane over Lake Nacimiento:


LPF resources are just coming on for the day, responding as they get the crews together.
Divs 1
BC 11
Crew 3
E15, 16, 319, 31
PAT 17, 18

BEU dispatched
Dozer 4641

May be running part of this on BEU.
AA on scene. 5 acres

MoCo sending resources

From WildCAD:

Nacimiento Update 1

Lead plane laying down smoke on site, T12 in Paso filling up:


At 10:52 am –

IC is staging the Dozer for the time being.
I think they are probably making good progress, its all in the grass.
Additionally Tanker 12 has been canceled.