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  1. Please put in multiple languages, on the sign in the pic, or on the margins of the page. One edition with 5 ( 4 more, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese) languages for the posted sign (not smokey’s words, those are okay just in English. If viewers do not understand the image all your efforts to post will have less impact. Who out there can translate?

  2. I have been making telephone calls today to the forest service and government officials to see what can be done about controlling campfires, and regulation enforecement along Nacimiento Rd. Here is a brief summary:

    1) As of today, June 15th, level 2 fire restrictions are in effect. This was a coincidence that I happend to call the Forest service the day the restrictions cut in (late today).

    The PDF I received from the forest service is not editable, so I can’t paste excerpts, but essentailly campfires anywhere but in designated use sites is prohibited. This covers all roadside camping along Nacimineto, but not the two developed campgrounds. (I am further informed that a COUNTY regulation is already in effect preventing CAMPING along the road, but that the Forest Service is unable to enforce that regulation until some red tape in process gets worked through).

    Smoking is also restricted to same areas, except I am reading a loophole exclusion that permits smoking “while stopped in an area at least three feet in diamater that is barren or cleared of all flammable material”. (Yes “three feet”. Not a typo).

    2) Forest Service is claiming lack of resources to have Nacimiento Rd patrolled in the EVENING/NIGHT by a ranger, or even by prevention patrol vehicles based out of Pacific Valley and Nacimiento Stations.

    3) I put a feeler out to our local Congressman to look into emergency funding for a fire prevention program at least over Nacimiento, given the many unique factors this summer.

    4) All local officials I spoke with cordial and sympathetic. However, it became abundantly clear that last years record breaking fire fighting effort of the Soberanes fire has caused no plans to be put into place to proactively prevent another fire breaking out this season. No changes in funding, no additional premptive measures. Unfortunely only an actual incident taking place will trigger a flow of funds.

    (This is just one person’s take upon speaking to a handful of local officials and relayng the information as accurately as possible)

  3. After last summer, you would think
    would be the appropriate sign message.

  4. Thank you, James!
    I’m not even going to comment on the ridiculousness of the info you got about smoking- 3 feet; what a joke! Btw, smoking isn’t allowed within 30 feet of a public access doorway to buildings, but that’s never enforced and most smokers couldn’t give a crap, which is evident from all the cigarette butts on all the turnouts.
    On #2; not enough resources to cover patrolling the land but it’s okay to spend multi million dollars to stop the fires started by tourons!? Sounds like locals should patrol, but we all know that won’t fly and when a touron complains about the locals, it’ll be the locals that the authorities come after- I’ve personally experienced this!
    On #3 I don’t understand the red tape excuse they gave you. For decades it has been illegal to set up a campsite on turnouts along U.S. roads and dispersed camping has to be at least 100 feet from the center line of a national forest or preserve road! The law has been in place for far too long for Monterey Co. to be telling you it’s red tape! What’s going on that they wouldn’t be honest enough to tell you is that in Monterey Co. the tourism dollar is king and all else gets tossed to the wayside. Corruption and greed rules our county (and country). I’ve had different members of law enforcement agencies tell me that they aren’t supposed to stop or otherwise detain tourists unless they are doing something really bad/dangerous because they don’t want tourists scared away! They won’t pull over Asians for stopping in the middle of the highway or driving 20 mph because it’s “a waste of time doing the paperwork because they live outta the country and so they don’t pay the fine.” Idea: ya know how when you stay at a hotel and they pre run your credit card for incidentals? When someone from another country, especially the ones where people have no idea how to act in our country, visits the U.S., customs does the same thing; gets a credit card for incidentals, like tickets for being a touron!
    Okay, rant over. Have a beautiful night 🙂

  5. Rather than translating the language for a sign to post, how about a big international symbol for NO – circle with slanted line through the inside – over the fire?

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