Fire on Nacimiento Rd – fire named Fergusson.

UPDATE 11 am – fire is pretty much out. Aircraft released and back to Paso. Here are a trio of photos from one of the firefighters, Brandi Plaskett (yup, one of those descendants)


From Rohana. Em called 911, I called the PV Station direct and spoke to a “live” person. This is on Nacimiento Rd. At approximately mm 4. Make sure and scroll for most up-to-date info.



New pic just taken. It is clearly backing down the ridge in a south-westerly direction.


Oh, this ought to play havoc with that massive convoy of trucks, supplies, and equipment today for the bridge.

At 9:27 am –


Okay, ladies and gents, anytime now would be good.

9:35 am –


Now would be a good time to send in those tankers.

9:41 USFS engine on site and flight tracker showing spotter plane over Lake Nacimiento:


LPF resources are just coming on for the day, responding as they get the crews together.
Divs 1
BC 11
Crew 3
E15, 16, 319, 31
PAT 17, 18

BEU dispatched
Dozer 4641

May be running part of this on BEU.
AA on scene. 5 acres

MoCo sending resources

From WildCAD:

Nacimiento Update 1

Lead plane laying down smoke on site, T12 in Paso filling up:


At 10:52 am –

IC is staging the Dozer for the time being.
I think they are probably making good progress, its all in the grass.
Additionally Tanker 12 has been canceled.

28 thoughts on “Fire on Nacimiento Rd – fire named Fergusson.

  1. I’m in town. I did see a car camping in that turnout on my way over the hill this morning.

  2. strong NW winds on the ocean already today, and when the land heats up it will change the wind up there to strong onshore… dang. did you get your clearance completed Kate?

  3. FHL was requested by BSVFB. Units from LPF are en route as well as CalFire, and BSVFB. I am hoping that the convoy has been stopped in any area they could pull over as to leave the road open for fire resources.

  4. No, on the fire clearance, a lot, but not all. It is quite a ways from me at this point, and tanker should be able to handle it, I think, and it is here.

  5. I keep trying to type something here, but it keeps turning into a lengthy rager complaining about how ILLEGAL camping on N-F IS and Mo. Co. wanting tourism dollars more than public safety and locals in general!!
    I’ll just leave it at that and keep checking back here today to see if I can make it home from SLO! Sure don’t want to spend the money on a motel 2 nights! goddam tourons!

  6. I spotted a couple roadside camping with a fire in that general area Saturday night. Cautioned couple to douse fire and took their plate. Must be unrelated, but, saw no patrols at all as I went east. No patrols? No [frequent] signage indicating that fires are illegal? Reduced legal camping spaces this year? What is 2+2?

  7. Prayers and positive vibes the fire is under control and minimal burn area!!

  8. Kate,

    Good deal and response fire crews.

    Does the winter storm FEMA/state/county assistance also extend to fire service staffs as well with excessive ground & over growth areas (everywhere) for this season?

  9. Just got back from fire. It is out and hand crews are scratching line around it. Looks to have started from camp fire in turnout. Grass is drying out fast! Heat wave on the way for the weekend so keep an eye out for people doing stupid shit.

  10. Yes, Marcus … stupid shit. See the Smokey Bear cartoon I posted this afternoon. I may post it every week this summer until I know all my readers have seen it and passed it on.

  11. The number of camping sites is fewer than it was decades ago, so yes, it is a problem. …That people can’t control their own damn fire is also a problem. They need to be held accountable.
    I say this as someone who backcountry camps during the height of fire season. I don’t get how irresponsibility has increased.

  12. If I had any hair left I’d be pulling it out.
    Please don’t burn up the other half this year.

  13. Forest Service needs to see this fire as a prelude of what’s to come. They need to find the funds to patrol Nacimiento road and the Coast Ridge road. Better to spend a few thousand $ for enforcement now instead of multi millions of $’s for fighting the massive fire that’s coming if they don’t start getting proactive!!!

  14. Lucky the wind was flat. Any major fire on that particular part of the coast would present access issues.
    All considered the USFS or Sheriff should post a 24/7 patrol unit on N/F road for the duration of the fire season.

  15. …there should be no camping on N/F rd. when we drove over we say several groups of young people setting up camps; an on the way out saw where someone had made a fire….

  16. Kate,

    How hard would it be for a USFS ranger or CHP Sheriff to add drone/UAV surveillance of county roads? Those earlier excuses for not having a presence is total b.s. and irresponsible for all that allow this to keep happening!

  17. Rich, there is NOT supposed to be any camping on Nacimiento Rd. The problem is enforcement. I sent off a letter today to county, state, and federal agencies about this enforcement problem today. I am working on a post for next week re this issue.

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