Radar to be redeployed at Mud Creek on Thursday.

IDS GeoRadar is providing the new radar technology for use on Mud Creek, which has been in place for some time, but is now being moved onto the bottom of the new slide area by the large boulder. Cal Trans is leading the nation in the use of this new technology outside the mining industry. It is also being used on Highway 101 at the Horseshoe Slide and art Paul’s Slide.

Yesterday’s San Jose Mercury News reports on this development, but I ran into a member of the IDS team last night at the hotel when I was talking  about the slide and showing some of my photographs. He said I seemed to know a lot about it, then told me who he was and a bit of what was going on. A Very fortuitous meeting and he has agreed to send me information about IDS’s participation in this monumental project.

You can read the article here: SJ Mercury News

7 thoughts on “Radar to be redeployed at Mud Creek on Thursday.

  1. Hilarious, uncanny, and wonderful that you two would run into each other!

  2. Kate,

    This company has plenty of applications if one dives into its website; I’m sure it has some space and sinkhole project capacities as well.


    Its conglomerate has a Las Vegas Conference going on now…



  3. The particular IDS GeoRadar branch being utilized in CA by CT is a very small branch. The team member I met is only 1 of 7.


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