Damage to Nacimiento Rd.

Tony Shelfo did an incredible job of documenting the damage to Nacimiento Rd on Wednesday and sent me upwards of 50 photos. Thank you, Tony.

I have chosen a few to share, but will keep all in a folder I started of the damage to Nacimiento. There are skid marks (braking by heavy trucks going downhill) which clearly show they are driving on the wrong side around corners, and cutting them, also the skid marks show they are driving way too fast for this road, adding to the damage it is suffering each day. There are skid marks like this on every single corner, but I am just showing a few. I am sending a representative sampling of these photos to MoCo Public Works and Cal Trans. Given the fire we had up here yesterday, access on this road is critical and the county and Cal Trans need to take responsibility for the actions of the contractors abusing this road. (Note, I am still waiting for the bridge inspection report, but with mail being spotty, at best, I hesitate to assign any responsibility for the delay.)



7 thoughts on “Damage to Nacimiento Rd.

  1. Kate, in every aspect of Big Sur’s welfare, you are there to tell the truth. Thank you.

  2. Kate: All these photos show skid marks on outside turns going down hill. Those of us who drive this road know on most outside turns you can see around the turn for on coming traffic. Its the inside turns that are totally blind. Heavy trucks going downhill on that road have to use their brakes on almost every turn. If they are leaving skid marks on inside turns then you have proof they are driving recklessly and much too fast. Its those blind inside turns that are dangerous.

  3. Looks to me there are both inside and outside turns here, Lindsay. I have plenty more photos. There are skid marks on ALL turns, as we all know from traveling this road. And as DeAnna reminds us, if these trucks are overheating their brakes, a fire can’t be far behind.

  4. There’s no question all those heavy trucks are taking a toll on the road. Its amazing there haven’t been more head on collisions.

  5. Great work Kate, as usual. This is really unfortunate and frightening. And seeing the drying-out grasses is a yes to overused brakes and fire danger….and any other fire danger thing. Is there any word about how long they (contractors) expect to have to use Nac-Ferg? Maybe ending sooner rather than later?

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