Cal Trans Photos (No change in update)

Photos of: 1-2) Mud Creek (PM 8.9) 1] Mud Creek, Tuesday, June 13, from north side. 2]“Pyramid Rock” at Mud Creek where new radar will be installed at Mud Creek—photo courtesy of John Madonna Construction; 3-5) Paul’s Slide (PM 21.6) 3-4]Photos from Monday, June 12; 5]Photos of Paul’s Slide from Tuesday, June 13. 6-7) Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge Construction Site (PM 45.52) 6] Form tower slab/pour pile; 7] strip tower slab. 8) Convoy to PCB Construction site from Thursday, June 15.

*next convoy for Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge—scheduled for Tuesday, June 20.* (Not reproducing the update as there have been no changes since the last one, all reflected above in my “Introduction …” post.)

PM 8.9 Mud Creek 6.13.17mud creek 05PM 21.6 Paul's Slide1 6.12.17PM 21.6 Paul's Slide2 6.12.17PM 21.6 Paul's Slide 6.13.17PM 45.52 PCB-1 6.14.17PM 45.52 PCB-2 6.14.17Caltrans Convoy Photo 061517

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