Paul’s Slide Story

Yesterday’s San Jose Mercury has an interesting article about what the author dubs Mud Creek’s “sibling” slide.

The Big Sur slide you have not heard of

By Lisa M. Krieger

There’s a second smaller landslide in Big Sur that’s been eclipsed by the drama of the epic Mud Creek slide.

But it’s an equally big headache if you’re trying to reach the coast from Highway 101.

Here’s more bad news: This sibling slide — named “Paul’s Slide” — won’t be cleared until mid-July, says Caltrans.

To read the rest of this article go to this link:

One thought on “Paul’s Slide Story

  1. Kate,

    Less road stress and humans for nation’s holiday in the region is a good thing. Some new insight, but, more history revealed with your help is revealed. Clearly the community meeting had to have more juice than this.

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