Town Run marathon

Once again (I swear I am staying home for a month when these appointments are done), but I thought you might like to see the aerial of Mud Creek I posted yesterday side-by-side with the same area BEFORE the slide as depicted by Google Earth, thanks to Everitt Chase. You got it perfectly, Ev. Thanks.

IMG_2720PM 8.9 Mud Creek Aerial--John Madonna 6.8.17

I’ll keep you posted on our only way in and out when I get a chance. Oh, and a nice article on the history of slides here in Big Sur by KQED HERE

~ by bigsurkate on June 13, 2017.

4 Responses to “Town Run marathon”

  1. Nice work Everitt. I bet it will take CalTrans quite a while to glue all that stuff back into place, but this image will help make it possible to get it right.


  2. Kate,

    Happy you found some peace with that latest kqed content story with you as a special advisor squeezed in.


  3. Everitt,
    Your image of Mud Creek before the slide makes a perfect comparison, placed alongside the “after” picture. The contrasts really tells the story. It reveals it all, from the deep tectonic movement beneath, up to the carved “avalanche chutes” accumulating more surfave mud and cobble. It is dynamic!


  4. Kate,

    ot- Salinas Half Marathon set for 8/5 for those “real run” enthusiasts.


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