13 thoughts on “Heat Warning

  1. Thanks Kate,

    It is super hot- have a deer mom and its 2 babies hanging around under our roof flopping its ears about keeping flies away taking a break.

  2. Hi Kate: It was 109 in the Target parking lot in Paso yesterday. 106 at our house. Not quite as hot today. You might try a wet wash cloth on the dogs. My dogs like to be pampered so they don’t mind the wash cloth. Even my horses went for the wash cloth yesterday!! Stay Safe & Cool. J&S

  3. My doggehs don’t like getting wet, either, but I use a mister bottle just above them, and they love it!!

  4. Kate,

    Air quality beyond Arroyo Seco Campground must be super bad semi dark very hazy from what I can see on the horizon from the village hightops.

  5. Last year hottest on record. This year records will be broken again. Global warming?? I think so. Trumps solution? Cancel the Paris accords and support more coal production. What a jerk ! Doesn’t he realize this problem affects all of us including his children ? All I can say is I feel real sorry for our kids and grandkids. What a disaster they will have to deal with. Many species on this earth have become extinct. Is humanity just the latest addition to the list?

  6. Portugal. More then 60 dead in forest fire. Most trapped in their cars on a narrow mountain road trying to evacuate. Same thing could happen in Big Sur with residents trying to evacuate using the only access still available.

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