Remote Sensing Coastal Change Project – Mud Creek

There are a fascinating series of photographs of this area at this site. I have reviewed and studied these before, but I don’t think I have ever directed people to the website, which is


Here is one example:


This is when it all started – on my birthday. Witnesses on Gorda Mountain watched and photographed, and I posted about it. Anyway, check out this USGS site, if you are interested. It is fascinating.


2 thoughts on “Remote Sensing Coastal Change Project – Mud Creek

  1. Kate,

    Keep this link all star close to your heart and don’t let it leave your treasure trove of “page history”.

  2. That is devastating, awe inspiring Kate. The forces of nature and the ability now to see it. I’m now off to look up the White House to see if they caught that slide too….

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