Playing Tourist

Took the day off and used the noon opening to go through Paul’s Slide and head to Nepenthe with a friend. What a lovely day. Lots of people there for lunch, but then it started thinning out. We had to stay until 5:30 for the 6 pm opening at Paul’s Slide. That was tough (joking). I got to see people I haven’t seen since before the fire!! Son came up and joined us, too, as well as a southsider friend. What a delight … and no internet all day! I had forgotten what that was like!!! And nothing important happened close to home, anyway. The Whittier Fire near Lake Cachuma and the Garza Fire in Fresno were both active. Garza made its way into Monterey County today, and there were new evacuation orders for Whittier. Back to regular programming tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Playing Tourist

  1. Well deserved no doubt. Glad you had a great time “playing tourist”!

  2. Kate, Q: Since you first built this community here……..

    Have you ever been up in a Cal-Fire plane or helicopter when the pros/pilots are in action dowsing flames w/ retardant & water?

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