Cal Trans Closure Map

I would remind visitors that there are no campgrounds north of Paul’s Slide – the last available campground when proceeding north from Nacimiento is Limekiln State Park, and the only lodging available is at Lucia Lodge and Post Ranch, south of the bridge. Additionally, there is no camping along the Highway One corridor anywhere in Big Sur. NO CAMPFIRES OR CHARCOAL STOVES ANYWHERE IN BIG SUR. Locals are quite nervous after last year’s Soberanes Fire and this year’s floods, mudslides, and road closures and will be reporting all violators to the appropriate agencies. Be a conscientious visitor, and you will be welcomed. Be a clueless, careless one? You will not.


5 thoughts on “Cal Trans Closure Map

  1. Kate.

    Little bridge NF Road observation report still slow in coming..vital info seems not to be on anyone’s radar.

  2. It will require an active patrol to stop camping on the Big Sur highway or in the near canyons.
    30 years of experience watching it and they have charcoal hibachis plus cigarettes.
    Frank Hathaway

  3. Every night there are campers up and down the highway between Rio Road and Garrapata Beach. I have never seen a single one ticketed. One camper was there for three days, canopy extended, chairs, tables, you name it. There is a sign just before the artichoke fields that says that camping is illegal on highway one, but the failure of law enforcement to enforce means folks just keep on camping, and leaving their trash behind. Law enforcement managed to give me a ticket for an expired safety check though as I drove home after the fire last year. Guess the fire kind of distracted me and I forgot to mail the envelope. He was hiding on the spur road near the reclaimed water station. Guess they prefer to ticket the locals rather than address the rampant camping problem…sorry, this is a bit of rant.

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