Sunday Photographs, 7/23/17

These were taken Friday night, the night of the most amazing green orb and flash.



The one below was taken shortly after the green orb sank into the horizon with a flash of bright green. You have to take my word on that, no photograph in time.



~ by bigsurkate on July 23, 2017.

6 Responses to “Sunday Photographs, 7/23/17”

  1. So glad you experienced it. I’ve been hoping to catch it for ages!


  2. Beauty speaks good to our hearts. Thanks for sharing.


  3. I have a photo from my location that is nearly identical to your bottom one! I love it, because to me, the clouds look like a greyhound dog race 🙂
    I wonder if Gary Koeple(sp?) saw it or has seen this photo- reminded me of his book: “Hare Hound” (I’m pretty sure that’s the title; have it at home so now want to check the title lol Good book if you’ve not read it.


  4. The proverbial Green Flash at Sunset. Elusive…but real. I have only experienced the Flash twice in my time. Beautiful.


  5. we are so very very fortunate to live here in this amazing wonder…


  6. That was a treat. It was one of those, ‘ I hope it lasts forever’, moments.


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