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  1. Some how, some way, I have happily been against traffic all week. They seem to be very organized and are doing a great job of keeping the traffic flowing. There are many parking locations with GREAT locations!

  2. Quail events need to end before 3:00 p.m. or after 7 (to include dinner service.) CV Road a parking lot Thur..on..

  3. I watched the driver get grilled and the CHP ran him through all the DUI tests. He passed them all and yes, he was given a ticket.
    What was he thinking driving his Bentley over boulders and on the beach? More money than brains, indeed. I hope for his sake it was his car…

  4. Traffic on the peninsula has been terrible, same for the noise in the big sur valley created by the desperate for attention car week crowd.

  5. Michigan Plates…usually a manufacturer. Probably loaned to a VIP type or auto journalist for a car week driver. Tow is off road which is quite expensive. Best Karma is that now the picture has been posted of the car in the sand, the manufacturer is probably going crazy with really bad publicity. One can only hope this dummy goes home with his tail between his legs .

  6. There is still no know cure for stupidity, but sometimes peer pressure is the best medicine.

  7. Rob, Did you hear Anything the driver said about Why he did what he did?? I want to know What he was thinking! Perhaps he had never seen sand before or maybe he was testing the 4 wheel drive off road abilities that are unrealistically shown on commercials or he just thought it would make a great photo and he’d deal with the consequences or he was dared by friends who fled?!!! Was he reality challenged or knowledge challenged or what!!! So, did you hear anything that gives a clue to his mind set?
    I love the photo of the sheriff looking at the situation…. shaking his head! Another story to tell! And how did he get it past the boulders? Maybe someone played a practical joke on him and carried it there???? If Jay Leno was still on, this would be on the next show!

  8. Yes traffic is a pain. I think we should all realize how much this pain in the butt benefits the county. So many nonprofits and schools and on and on.
    I think it is well worth the annoyance for the benefit we reap.

  9. Maybe he put a hole in the oil pan going over the boulders. That would be a hazmat situation and lots more dough to owe. BTW: That huge sign with icons of “No Fires, No Camping, Dogs on a leash”, I don’t see one for No Cars. They’ll have to rectify that!

  10. Carmel Valley Road is roaring and snarling with traffic around the clock and no Highway Patrol activity except directing hundreds of cars parked in church grounds, All Saints School’s lot and the adjacent two acres of dried grass and along the road itself from Meadows Road to Valley Greens Drive.
    From my mid-valley location we can hear Laguna Seca engines, too.
    Testosterone reigns with multiple trophy cars jockeying for speed in and around us ordinary residents who believe that 45 MPH zones and stop lights are for everyone’s safety, not smog-producing races and running red lights. It took me 40 minutes from Hacienda Carmel to Canyon Del Rey on Thursday afternoon.

  11. I didn’t hear anything as to why he did what he did. Looking at his face, I’m imagining he’s feeling like an idiot. I was at the beach for about an hour. In that time, I’d say 50 people stopped and took pics, laughing it up. The dude, who was alone I beleive, was not very impressed with himself.

  12. hahahaha!

    Living with the fabulous quietude and delightful reduction in fools like this has me thinking that if Mud Creek and Pfeiffer Creek bridge NEVER reopened it would be a wonderful thing! 3 hours to Paso Robles for the rest of my years? Game on! yes please!!

  13. Saw this luscious brushed gold Rolls from FL parked in the red zone in front of the mailboxes across from Carmel P.O. on Wed. Can’t up load the photo, however, my friend Claire Fay took a photo of it being towed!

  14. Ok. Coming over Naciemiento Rd. ( I’ve learned to go slooow. I came around a corner on the downside toward hwy 1 There stopped dead center of the road was a ” see America RV. ” I stopped quickly. Waited thinking the driver was having trouble… so slowly I came up beside them. ” are u having trouble? They replied with much enthusiasm ! NO WERE WATCHING THE WHALES!!!!

  15. RF/Kate,

    lol Whalewatching at supper time in the middle of the NF road- classic.

  16. Install toll gates at PV, Marina and west of Salinas and charge $100 a car that goes to USFS.

  17. I’m not worried re: them speaking English (I’ve been to foreign countries without knowing their language) but knowing how to drive to imperative. How some of these people got driver licenses is beyond me. I think car rental agencies should give a 15 minute driving test (virtual ?) of freeway and Hwy 1 driving in Big Sur and if they don’t pass the test, they can’t rent a car. Then steer them in the direction of a tourist bus service.

  18. I was down in Big Sur, first visit for 30 years. Great trip, but these supercars were everywhere. While on a tour of the lighthouse I saw a Park Ranger truck try (in vain I’m sure) to catch a speeding supercar.

    I wish I had found your site prior to heading down there, rather it came up after the trip when a Google search for the no camping ordinance numbers led me here. I saw a few car campers along highway1 getting tickets at about 8am Saturday morning. My pre-trip research made it clear no overnighting on HWY 1, but it was less clear about the offshoot roads like Coast Road, till I got there and saw the signs.

    Big Sur Campgrounds and cabins proved to be nice place to stay. Looking at the photos pre road closure it looks like when the road opens up it’s not going tone nearly as pretty as it was this weekend. Good luck to you locals.

  19. My wife and I were driving in the Del Monte Forest Wednesday morning. We were behind a couple of cars –the first car going a little slow on a two lane road. The driver in the car in front of us became impatient and passed the slow-moving vehicle on a curvy road. Unfortunately there was a large pickup coming the other way. The truck was forced off the road to avoid a collision, over-corrected, wound up in our lane. To avoid a head-on wreck I slammed on the brakes and skidded off the road onto the shoulder.

    There could have been serious injuries due to the ignorance and impatience of a car week visitor. Glad they are gone!

  20. Kate,

    I would prefer to see speed bumps over signs on NF road because obviously folks are ignoring them FBOW.

    Bring it on – people need to learn – lives are on the line driving this thin line.

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