7 thoughts on “Photo Sunday, 8/20/17: Fantasia, Morocco

  1. Still kicking myself for not going to Morocco with my daughter and her infant son when went to attend her Moroccan brother in law’s wedding. She brought back gorgeous photos of the wedding, buildings, people that were all so colorful. Intricate architecture, tile work, costumes. The ancient wedding customs are complex, with days of family gatberings, special clothing, etc. She was treated like royalty as a woman and as a wife of the groom’s brother and included as part of the bride’s royal court. Her baby was adored and well cared for by all.

  2. Lovely regalia, but why the obsession with a violent culture that only has aesthetics to its merits ( have you ever even visited Monaco? Totally sexist violent culture )

  3. yes, everywhere on our lovely little planet our species exists in a glass half full, half empty way-of-being….while knowing it is also half empty we can celebrate that it is indeed half full….

  4. Wow, I have traveled there twice now and have only encountered amazingly generous people. Yeah, in the Souks you can get harassed but that is part of the fun in my mind. It is a stunning country, from the sea to old cities to mountains to that incredible desert with the most beautiful colored sand. Oh, and the food. Marrakech is crazy but stimulating and so geared toward tourists. Go…

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