The Perils of Nacimiento Road.

Yesterday, the trip down Nacimiento was even more perilous than usual. I was just so glad Rock Knocker was driving. First were a string of 4 Super 10 trucks, fully loaded, without a guide vehicle; then there were two tractor trailer rigs, we had to back way up because they couldn’t make the corner without using the whole frigging road; then there was a regular 10 yard followed by the propane delivery in his regular rig. It was quite the experience. Of course, coming home we had to be on the look out for the return of these same vehicles. The first were the 4 Super 10 trucks, they were early and we were still in the flats along the river. We stopped and talked to the propane guy, and even HE is worried about that little bridge (time for me to call again, since I never got the report on the last inspection). After that, we were about 1/2 way up to the summit and Rock Knocker yelled, “There they are.” I hadn’t seen them, but he had – the tractor trailer rigs without a lead car. Rock Knocker had to back up, down hill, with me completely on the edge – and as afraid of heights as I am, that was no fun a’tall.

At least we don’t have a Harvey or an Irma or the floods in Bangladesh and the wildfires of Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and No Cal, right? I think Mother Nature is fed up with us all over the world, not just here in Big Sur. If this is any precursor of the winter ahead, we are in deep doodoo.

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  1. the smoking mirror prophecy, a cycle of rebirth for the planet, rebooting life, change is forward for better or worse, life is a process, not matter. the organic universe cleansing itself non mechanistically, faith exposed, Hare Krishna , and yes….nature loathes mankind .


  2. I have read elsewhere that Esalen is up and running again. I’m not interested in visiting again anytime soon, but I know people who think they are going to be able to later this month. To my knowledge, Nacimiento is currently the only way in and out of the area of Big Sur where Esalen is located until the Pfeiffer bridge reopens, which as I understand it has now been postponed into October. Is this true? Thanks.

  3. I am totally amazed at how early some trees along the rivers are already turning color and losing their leaves. I am in Carmel Valley and normally this does not happen until the end of the year. I am seeing a long warm wet winter ahead of us.

  4. Following my long and eventful career as Art/Science Teacher at Pacific Valley School, I have retired and I am now up in Idaho with my wife, Jana. So, to add to the comments I report that the air quality in the whole Pacific Northwest has become life-threatening. In the beautiful Rocky Mountains, where we now live, it looks like a “nuclear winter”, everything orange and grey. We pray for relief, both here and for Big Sur.
    Also, I send my blessings to all the great people in the Big Sur Community. It has been a lifetime pleasure to have been part of it.
    … Farewell!

  5. The night flaggers that go back over the mountain at 6-6:30am tell me most mornings there are 3-6 campsites in pullouts on the west grade >:( and this past Saturday and Sunday nights between limekiln an PV there were several illegal tent sites in pullouts and the grass fields of PV. smh

  6. Hey Dave, it’s nice to see you’re staying connected with Big Sur via Kate’s blog. And it’ll be nice to stay connected with you in the same way. We know once we’ve lived in BS that it lives within us for the rest of our lives and it’s comforting to know that that will be the case with you. Enjoy a well deserved retirement, PV School isn’t the same without you!

  7. Construction trucks during the week, clueless drivers on the weekend. It is truly a crap shoot. But dawn is probably best, as neither are up yet … that means dawn across FHL if coming from the east.

  8. What is good time to return back from Big Sur to hwy 1. We are going next Monday or Tuesday. Thanks

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