Nacimiento Rd. May be temporarily blocked & possible wildfire east of Nacimiento campground?

From CHP website, just happened 5 miles up from Highway One:

Incident: 00192 Type: Trfc Collision-Unkn Inj Location: Nacimiento Fergusson Rd / Sr1 Loc Desc: 5 MI JEO 1 Lat/Lon: 35.988672 -121.494108
Detail Information
12:38 PM 4 [8] NOT WI VEH
12:38 PM 3 [3] 1125
12:36 PM 1 [1] BIG RIG VS HILL
Unit Information
12:37 PM 2 Unit Assigned
12:37 PM 1 Unit Enroute

From WildCAD-LPF (coordinates put it east of Nacimiento Campground)

Type Location WebComment Resources IC Fuels Acres Lat/Lon
09/10/2017 12:44 LPF-2725
New Wildfire . . . . . . 36.0090, -121.4036

~ by bigsurkate on September 10, 2017.

7 Responses to “Nacimiento Rd. May be temporarily blocked & possible wildfire east of Nacimiento campground?”

  1. Kate,

    It was a matter of time- powers at be have been playing Russian roulette on this route all summer. Keep on top of it.


  2. The possible wildfire has been taken down, and the CHP transferred this incident to the LPNF


  3. Kate,

    Rain. lightning & thunder recently since 3:45 AM. Pets not too happy. Howdy heavy rain.


  4. There dozens of lightning bolts above the valley this morning, particularly from 6 – 7am followed by small burst of steady rain. I’m hoping that cal fire has the ability to send out a plain early today to see if anything east of the highway was ignited by the lightning . . .


  5. The USFS sent out a helicopter AND a plane after the last lightning event.

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  6. That is good news! Keeping fingers crossed . . .


  7. spotter plane overflight about an hour ago, south coast area.


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