Fire East of Soledad

2:30 pm – KION reports:  SOLEDAD, Calif. – Multiple fires have been sparked in South Monterey County.

According to Soledad Fire officials, a two acre fire was likely started by lightning strikes just after 2p.m. Monday.

Currently, they are fighting the blaze by air and ground.

There are reports of another fire also sparked by lightning in King City.

Strong thunderstorms made their way through Gonzales and towards Salinas just after 2 p.m. Lightning and gusty winds over 40 mph and small hail are possible as the storm rolls through.

2:15 pm – I can see it from the 101. It is behind the first ridge, maybe in the Pinnacles. I will look for further. Cal Fire is just off the 101 trying to figure out how best to get there.

~ by bigsurkate on September 11, 2017.

4 Responses to “Fire East of Soledad”

  1. Fire River Road and Santa Margarita Truck Trail


  2. Sylvia, here is the 411:

    T75 reported it at 4 acres with potential for 50 Plus SLO just had a new start at Santa Margarita Lake….T75 reported


  3. Kate,

    MCW/SR: ” Firefighters respond to multiple lightning fires. ”


  4. Kate,

    CAL FIRE BEU‏ @CALFIREBEU 19m 19 minutes ago

    @CAL_FIRE battled 15 lightning fires today in Monterey County. All fires contained, total of 75 acres burned.


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