Sunday Photo, 9/17/17

Just one, a glorious one, taken by Ken Daughters at Molera.



~ by bigsurkate on September 17, 2017.

7 Responses to “Sunday Photo, 9/17/17”

  1. Here Kitty, Kitty…seeing wildlife relax and interact a little more with us has been one of the gifts of this time…what a beauty this is! Thank you, Ray, and Kate.


  2. Kate, – it’ll be tougher to find water for the likes of me.

    mch/JJ: “Interlake Tunnel delayed six months amid Nacimiento resistance”


  3. Magnificent Beauty — wish I looked that sleek. Thank you for sharing this with us Ray and Kate!!!


  4. Bobcat, yes? Beautiful condition; thanks for sharing


  5. Yes, Gail. Bobcat


  6. A bobcat crossed Hwy 1, from west to east, in the range of my headlights, just at the north end of the Little Sur River hairpin. I felt very privileged to have seen it


  7. This photo is helping me understand why, coming down from the peak of the ridge trail at Molera at dusk recently, I could faintly see a silhouette that looked as a big as a dog or coyote but had the outline of a cat . . .


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