Rucker Fire – wildfire near Lompoc, 9/29/17

8 pm – all evac orders lifted. All roads open.

5:30 pm – looks like chain or catalytic converter, frankly. Could be arson, but unusual if it is.


4:20 pm – Evacuation area is rucker rd east to Harris grade, north to la pursima, including all of north mission hills and cebada canyon. 300 acres

4 pm – It started about 1 and 1/2 hours ago. Air Attack is reporting there are 7 fires, they have not burned together yet. This is all up in the Burton Mesa, La Purisma Mission and Harris Grade area, and is burning in heavy Burton Mesa chapparal. It has a light breeze out of the weat. Anyone who knows this area knows that the winds generally pick up in the evening and come in pretty hard from Vandenberg.

LPF has dispatched a strike team of engines, Dozer 4, AG hotshots, LP hotshots, H-527 and AA07. Lots going on.

Here are 3 photos:




~ by bigsurkate on September 29, 2017.

4 Responses to “Rucker Fire – wildfire near Lompoc, 9/29/17”

  1. Hope they got it. This looks like arson.


  2. Kate,

    20:00 All evacuations lifted per KSBY report.


  3. Just saw that, Andrew and updated the blog.


  4. chain or catalytic converter… or chain smoker


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